We are committed to ensuring that each child is able to travel safely to school and home. The school owns its own fleet of school buses, which are designed and operated by qualified drivers who are familiar with the needs of children. Optional Transport Service is provided by the school. A separate transport fee is required. A transport attendant is present onboard for supervision and monitoring during the entire journey.

Each bus is equipped with a mobile phone, which ensures that there are always emergency contacts and efficiency. All staff are trained in emergency management and first aid.

As transport service is not available for some batches, the divisions and batches are assigned according to the transport requisitions submitted by students. Before you finalize your admission, please contact our transport department.


At the sole discretion and control of the school administration, transport facilities will only be available for designated routes or stops.

It is important to realize that school transport can sometimes be delayed due to traffic conditions, road conditions or technical faults. These situations are real and parents must be able to understand them.

School transport routes can be changed depending on the needs of students. It is up to the school management’s sole discretion.

The Principal may be contacted by interested parents to request any changes or additions to the route. Changes may be permitted depending on feasibility and availability.

School transport is an optional service and parents/students cannot claim it as a right. Without assigning any reason, the school management reserves all rights to withhold the school transport facility from any student.

School transport arrangements are made for the entire academic session. School transport cannot be withdrawn during the academic session.

If a parent wants to withdraw from school transport facilities for the next academic semester, he/she must notify the school in writing. Otherwise, one month’s transportation fee will be charged.