Our Vision

Dunes Academy is an English medium school with hostel facilities. It offers co-educational programs starting at the Nursery through the 10th Class (upgrade one grade each year up to 12th Grade).

Our Mission

The school is affiliated with the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE). The school was created with specific goals and objectives to help children develop human character and useful citizens.

Core Beliefs

The School is managed by an MD and the Board of Company Directors. This Board includes thought leaders from various fields, including Information Technology, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and hospitality.

Pupil Care

We are glad you have chosen our School. We are a school with one entry, located in Jodhpur, Surrey. We believe in innovative and creative teaching that sparks curiosity and encourages a love of learning.

Dunes Academy Boarding School Rajasthan

Welcome to Dunes Academy School. Our school specializes in all-boys boarding schools for children aged between 10 and 18 years old. The school is possibly the only “All Rajasthan and other states’ school accepting students from nearly every state every year.

Dunes Academy is a full border school exclusively for boys and is not merely one that is open to boarders. In 2014, Dunes Academy was one of the top Jodhpur schools with an intense intellectual heartbeat. The campus is beautiful and has numerous varieties of plants and flowers that provide the boys with plenty of green spaces and fresh air to learn and live.

It’s a place not available in schools in big and smaller cities in India or even other nations. The boys can get advice from the teachers and the Wellness Centre, and the school counselor on campus throughout the week. The boys discover that they have more time to learn and explore their other passions.

It is not a waste of time spent traveling to learn Sport and Art, Music Drama, and they can benefit from Careers Guidance and other essential college and university admissions preparation.

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  • Village and Post Aau, Tehsil Phalodi, District Jodhpur
  • Rajasthan
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