Principal Message

Principal Message​

As the head of the school, I consider it a great privilege to work in an environment where everyone involved is also a student, and where each day presents new opportunities for growth and development.

I have spent a considerable amount of time helping those in need, particularly in the underdeveloped area of the city. My goal is to assist these areas in making the most of their natural assets to develop long-term economic growth.

Principal Message
Principal Message

Pooja Yadav

Our doors are open to you here at Dunes Academy in Jodhpur.

As you explore our site, you will find answers too many of the fundamental questions you may have about our institution, our academic program, and student life.

Elevate Learning Together

We consider ourselves a learning community in which all members, including faculty, parents, and support staff, participate.

I am a firm believer in the need to maintain high standards and make a sincere effort to learn about and enhance the learning experience via collaborative efforts that are focused only on student success.

At Dunes Academy, we recognize that our students are the institution’s most valuable resource, thus we tailor every facet of their education to foster their personal, academic, and social growth.

Our number one priority is making sure every student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Our unwavering dedication to providing our kids the finest education possible is why we are here.

We think that our students will be able to acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary for post-secondary success via participation in a wide variety of academic and extracurricular offerings.

All of Dunes Academy’s teachers have advanced degrees and years of experience, and they all share a dedication to helping their students succeed academically by providing them with individualized, high-quality lessons and feedback. Teachers use differentiated instruction to help students in ways that are most effective for them academically and socially.

We advocate for open-mindedness, mutual respect, and global citizenship. Our mission is to help raise a new generation of citizens who can think critically about issues on a global scale and thrive in any environment. We have no authoritarianism because we think that self-discipline is more long-lasting than externally imposed discipline. We encourage students to reach their full potential and maintain rigorous standards.

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