It incorporates the child-centered principles of its predecessor. It identifies the three main aims of primary education.

To allow the child to live a fulfilled life as a child, and to reach his or her full potential as an individual.


To allow the child to become a social being by living with and cooperating with others, and thus contribute to the betterment of society.

Further Education

To prepare the child to pursue further education and for lifelong learning.

Learner Centered

The curriculum is learner-centered. The curriculum emphasizes literacy, numeracy, and language while also responding to current needs in science, technology, health education, and citizenship.


Dunes Academy schools may teach English or Hindi. Dunes Academy is unique in that all children have the opportunity to learn two languages from the start of school.

Primary School Curriculum

Language: Language plays a crucial role in the development of children. Language and experience are key to learning. Language allows children to understand and clarify their experiences, gain new concepts, and expand on concepts they already know. Because of the crucial link between language and learning, the curriculum includes talk and discussion as a central learning strategy for every curriculum area. This allows children to explore ideas, emotions, and reactions using increasingly complex language. It also deepens their understanding of the world.