Dunes Academy

Cafeteria Services

Dunes Academy offers nutritious meals, dedicated staff, and a comfortable dining environment.

Guided Dining

A teacher is assigned to each lunch table in order to keep an eye on the pupils. Children learn how to keep themselves clean and how to behave appropriately during mealtimes. In addition, there are several water fountains throughout campus that provide clean drinking water.

Cafeteria Services

Providing for the nutritional requirements of young, developing pupils is a top priority for the school cafeteria. Meals are designed by nutritionists and prepared by highly skilled professional chefs under the supervision of an experienced Senior Chef so that students may focus on their studies.

Healthy Choices

At each meal, guests may choose from a number of nutritious and healthful selections. Breakfast is the first meal served in the cafeteria, which is open to students, faculty, and staff. Every effort is made to keep the building spotless and sanitary at all times.

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Cafeteria Services
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