Sports and Activities

Dunes Academy places a lot emphasis on the development of the whole person. From an early age, students are exposed to classical dance forms.

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words. Mime is a special theatrical form of expression that allows students to express their emotions through silent communion. Mime can be used to educate students and make them more aware of the society and environment around them. Students are taught to address social issues through themes. To improve body flexibility, the mime classes also teach rope climbing and stilt walking.

Yoga Classes

There are many levels of yoga classes. It can help to restore equilibrium and improve concentration. Students often feel stressed out while trying to keep up with the demands of a competitive world. Daily exercises can help relieve this stress.

Clay modeling

Clay modeling is taught at all levels, from Pre-primary through Upper Level. It is a favorite among children. This activity is engaging for all ages due to its tactile nature and hands-on nature. It also allows for creativity. Students love working on the Potter’s wheel. An electric furnace is available for firing artifacts.

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