Emotional Support

The school pays great attention not only to academics but also to making sure children are happy and loved while they are at school. As a tutor system, each teacher is assigned 10-15 students to make sure they have the same emotional needs as at home.

Dunes Academy has an emotional support team available for students throughout the day. The emotional support staff can help students with any issues they may have, both in school and outside of it.

Low self-esteem or negative attitudes towards education can often lead to poor academic performance, which in turn leads to non-attendance at school and under-performing academically. We want to give these students another chance so that they can thrive once again at Dunes Academy.


Children will always miss their home and parents at one time or another. The school creates a warm, informal teacher-student relationship that fosters mutual understanding and respect. This helps to provide parental and emotional love. The House Parent ensures that students’ daily needs are met. A counselor is available to help any child overcome obstacles that may prevent them from reaching their full potential.