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Improve Student Learning

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A good summary is provided in School libraries and teacher-librarians: evidence of their contribution to student literacy and learning.

This means that school libraries should have access the teacher-librarian. Teacher-librarians serve as a crucial link between learning and teaching programs and professional library leadership.

School Library

Effective school libraries

  • Provide quality programs to support the curriculum.
  • Teachers can use information literacy skills to integrate learning activities.
  • Promoting information literacy through teaching students how to search, evaluate, use and create information.
  • Enhance student reading experiences and help them develop independent reading skills.
  • Assist with teaching and learning strategies.
  • Teachers can get professional support.
  • You can source and deliver current and suitable resources in many formats.
  • Keep school communities informed about the collection.
  • Make it easy to access information using current technologies
  • Adopt flexible design principles.
  • Facilitate learning and teaching in stimulating environments
  • Support the school community’s social and cultural identity.
  • Operate efficient library system