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Health and Hygiene

It is of utmost importance to maintain the health of every child to ensure a progressive consistency in education.

The paramount concern of Dunes Academy is to promote a healthy and supportive ambiance where the aspects on health, hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness are spoken of and considered positively so that a better awareness and understanding is obtained and a healthy living form is maintained.


  • To encourage the health and well-being of students and staff members.
  • To focus on the requirements of top-notch levels of hygiene and personal care.
  • To provide healthy nourishment and recommend healthy eating.


The following methods highlight the activities of Dunes Academy in the need of promoting healthy lifestyle and a supervised cleanness among both students and other members.

Fresh Food

  • The snacks and the foods catered to the children are of supreme quality and nutritious and every child’s dietary necessities are kept in mind.
  • In order to ensure the children the importance of healthy eating and nutritious diet, the staff members will engage them in cooking activities, where they will be able to use healthy wholesome food.


  • Parents are strictly advised to restrain their child at home if he/she is ill or has been infected with any kind of disease. The school should be immediately notified of the situation so that the other parents could be vigilant of their own child.
  • Parents should make sure that when their child has been under attack of diarrhea and vomiting, they should remain indoors for almost 48 hours before they are fully recovered.
  • Convenient dressing, bandaging and first aid is provided to both students and grown-ups when there is a severe cut or sore.
  • The dispensation of any medicine will be in sync with the Managing Medical Needs Policy of Dunes Academy.
  • Any kind of allergy problems or medical issues of children should be informed to the staff immediately. The information is kept in confidential files with the staff being alerted of it.
  • The medicines are safely stored in a cupboard. The first aid box is clean with proper medicines in stock. Placed in the staffroom cupboard, the first aid box can be maneuvered efficiently by the qualified first-aider who are readily available in the school premises to help the students and adults.
  • The accidents/incidents occurred within the institute are recorded chronologically and affirmed by the person who has attended to the accident/incident.
  • Any form of spills/deposits relating to body fluids will be attended promptly and cleaned up in a very systematic way, wearing gloves and maintaining proper hygiene.


These policies of Dunes Academy are in alliance with the School’s Equal Opportunities and Race Equality Policy, Special Educational Needs Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Managing Medical Needs Policy and all significant Department of Education and Skills and Child Care Guidance.

School Vicinity

There are several health issues, such as noise pollution, exposure to harmful exhaust gases and air pollution and possible risks of accident and etc. which should be kept in mind while schools and institutes are set up in urban and suburban areas. They should be situated at a distance more than 100 meters from the chaotic traffic and other hazardous causes. Various analysis suggests that school buildings should be planned and designed in a systematic manner, so that natural light can be efficiently used for the lighting arrangements of the school. It is also recommended not to erect school buildings in the valley location because of quality air issues.

Significance of School Hygiene

Every school plays a pivotal role in the shaping up the future of the children and the best way to make the students aware of their surroundings is by making them learn the advantages of remaining healthy, clean and sanitized. If proper hygiene is not maintained in schools then many diseases can occur and get transmitted among students. In order to put a stop to the spread of diseases in schools, it is best advised to control school sanitation and maintain hygienic ambiance in the school locality.

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