Independence Day Celebration Event Plan

Event Activities: Flag Hoisting Ceremony: Begin the event with a flag-hoisting ceremony led by a respected member of the Dunes Academy staff or a guest speaker. Play the Indian national anthem, "Jana Gana Mana," and encourage everyone to sing along. Interactive Learning Session: Organize an 

Celebrate the Unbreakable Bond: Raksha Bandhan 2024!

Rakhi Making Workshop: Organize a Rakhi making session, especially for younger siblings. Provide materials like colorful threads, beads, and buttons. This can be a fun and creative activity for them to personalize their Rakhis. Rakhi Tying Ceremony: The heart of the celebration! Sisters will tie 

Celebrate the Joyful Arrival of Lord Krishna!

Activities: Puja and Abhishek: A devotional ceremony offering prayers and bathing the Krishna idol with holy water, milk, and other offerings. Bhajan and Kirtan: Singing devotional songs and hymns in praise of Lord Krishna. Encourage audience participation or invite a group of singers. Cultural Performances