Carrier and Guidance

Every student at Dunes Academy AAU (Phalodi) is ready for the RBSE level. Our main goal is to highlight the best qualities of each student and help them become an all-rounder.

Every student at Dunes Academy is encouraged to share, explore, and show off their creative ideas, skills, and talents.While the teacher acts as the coordinator, the students are encouraged to take on different situations in real life.

The Faculty

The faculty is the foundation of every academic institution. The teachers at Dunes Academy are role models and great examples for students. Dunes Academy teachers and staff are dedicated to their work and well-aware of all situations. They also have global exposure to every type of knowledge.

For students coming into the senior school from the prep department and those who are moving into the senior dorms, there is an orientation programme.

The school tries to give students a safe and healthy place to learn that also helps them feel good about themselves. Two experienced and qualified counsellors are available at the school. They provide confidential support and advice as well as group interaction for students.

The Counsellors

The counsellors are available for both self-referred and referred students. The pastoral staff may seek the counsel of counsellors to help students in their care. This is the ethical basis of counselling. Staff and parents can also reach out to the counsellors when they are needed.

The counsellors lead interactive sessions that cover issues related to the Adolescence Education Programme (A.E.P.), such as:

  1.  Emotional
  2. Social
  3. Physical changes in adolescence
  4. Peer pressure
  5. Assertiveness
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. Gender sensitization
  8. Bullying and its legal consequences
  9. Positive ways to behave
  10. Substance abuse
  11. Careers

The school also holds regular sessions on cyber security awareness and how to stay safe online.

Life Skills

Life skills are the key to the holistic development of every child, according to the school. To promote life skills, the school offers:
  1. Self-awareness
  2. Assertiveness
  3. Decision-making
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Critical thinking
  6. Emotional intelligence

Life skills training focuses on building competence, maturity, coping skills, and a strong core so that people can handle the challenges of life.

For students coming into senior high school from prep school and those who are moving into senior dorms, there is an orientation programme.

Career Counselling

Guidance programmes are offered to students in Grade 9 and beyond. They help them become more aware of the various career options available. For grades 10 and 12, annual career guidance programmes are held. These programmes include psychometric tests, group interactions and counselling, seminars on studies in India and abroad, and preparation for competitive exams.

Parents and students can interact with career counsellors during the annual school fair. Students are regularly informed about colleges, requirements for admission, required documents, and deadlines. Students are encouraged to meet with resource persons from Indian and foreign universities.

Students are given guidance in filling out forms like the U.C.A.S.S. and Common Applications. OUAC, J., E.E., etc. Students in Grade 12 receive regular notifications about upcoming admissions and career opportunities. Clarifying and disseminating career information fosters curiosity, exploration, clarification, and decision-making, which allows students to be focused and goal-oriented.

The Institute for Career Studies in Lucknow offers a career counselling programme for students in classes XI, XI, and XII every year. There are interactive sessions, aptitude identification exercises, and one-on-one interactive sessions with career counsellors. Students are provided with a login ID that allows them to log in to the institute’s website for any information they may need.

The Career Counselling Noticeboard provides the most current information about careers and admissions (for Indian and foreign universities).

The counselling office provides information about career opportunities, deadlines, and online forms. Filling out and mailing are now possible.

Counselling is provided regularly to both self-referred and referred students.

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Get up-to-date with all the latest news, reports, analysis, and more about Dunes Academy.