Career Guidance

Every student at Dunes Academy AAU (Phalodi), is ready for the RBSE Level. Our main goal is to highlight the best qualities of each student and help them become an all-rounder.


Dunes Academy encourages every student to express, explore and display their creative ideas, talents, and skills. While the teacher acts as the coordinator, the students are encouraged to take on different situations in real life.

Role Models

The faculty is the foundation of every academic institution. The teachers at Dunes Academy are role models and great examples for students. Dunes Academy teachers and staff are dedicated to their work and well-aware of all situations. They also have global exposure to every type of knowledge.

These activities are designed to help students adjust to school better.

For students coming into Senior School from Prep Department, and those who are moving into senior dorms, there is an orientation program.

The school strives to provide a safe and healthy school environment that fosters emotional well-being. Two experienced and qualified Counselors are available at the school. They provide confidential support and advice as well as group interaction for students. The Counselors are available for both self-referred and referred students. The pastoral staff may seek the counsel of Counselors to help students in their care. This is by the ethics of counseling. Staff and parents can also reach out to the Counselors when they are needed.