At a glance

The Young Pre-classroom is open for age 3 year to 5 years. This age group focuses on learning while listening and watching skills. They are also developing independence and social skills through play.


15 full-time teachers

2 part-time teachers

Average years of experience 5 years

60% of advanced degrees

Class Size as per norms

25:1 student to teacher

25 students per class

Smaller groups for language

B.Ed and relevant faculty

Alumni 2019

In the past seven years, Dunes Academy students were selected to attend the following secondary schools:

  • Military School
  • CBSE / IB
  • Others

NCERT programs.

In 2014, Dunes Academy completed renovating the Lower and Upper School buildings as well as the construction of a new Upper School wing. The learning facilities include:

Question Answer
Name Dunes Academy
Founded 2014 by Rohit Rathore
Current Principal Devi Priya, B.Ed.
Students 450 from near by areas
Faculty 26 Full-time, 5 Part-time
Research Ongoing
Total budget N/A
Alumni 650+ since 2014
Departments Preschool, elementary