Art and Craft

Creative Craft is an expression of the unique imagination of a child. Under this activity, children learn to make items like soft toys, chimes, cards, bags, decorative candles, table lamps etc.

Art and Craft are important in school curriculum: Arts and crafts are often considered a compulsory subject in school curriculum. Unfortunately, schools have had to reduce arts education in many schools over the years. They are rapidly disappearing in music, painting, and theater.

Arts and crafts are a great activity for children. There are many arts and crafts activities that children can enjoy, such as coloring or creating miniature clay statues, folding paper to make origami, or designing handmade birthday cards.

You can help your children develop their cognitive, physical and social skills by introducing them to arts and crafts and including them in school activities.

Fine motor skills development

Fine motor skills are important for arts and crafts activities that require the use of fingers and hands. Simple actions such as holding a paintbrush or coloring with pencils can help to strengthen muscles and improve control.

Improved hand-eye coordination

Participating in arts and crafts activities from an early age can lead to remarkable improvements in hand-eye coordination. This will help a child during later primary school years when she or he is spacing out words or forming letters.