Art and Craft

Imagination is sparked by the arts. Observing a young infant immersed in a creative activity reveals a brain that is active and motivated by aesthetics and emotions in search of meaning, expression, and representation. 

Art and Craft Period

Artistic Growth Period

The art and craft period is a critical time for a child’s development, and our ART curriculum focuses on the maturation of the child’s fine motor abilities at this time.

This stage is crucial because it prepares a kid to realise his or her full creative potential in later years, which shows up in the child’s academic performance.

Visual Arts Education:

Cultivating Aesthetic Awareness and Global Cultural Engagement

The development of one’s aesthetic sensibilities, along with those of one’s body, mind, and spirit, are all aided by exposure to the visual arts in the classroom.

It offers them a chance to learn about and participate in cultures all across the world. Students’ natural inventiveness and curiosity must be directed towards useful ends.

All of the educators in this curriculum have a strong sense of camaraderie and are committed to the transdisciplinary sculpture at the program’s center.

The Renaissance of Creativity and Learning

Dunes Academy Residential School in Aau, Rajasthan, stands as a beacon of innovative education, especially in the realms of art and craft.

The school’s unique approach to integrating these creative disciplines into its curriculum not only enriches the learning experience but also fosters an environment where imagination and skill come together in harmony. 

Cultivating Artistic Talent in Young Minds

At the heart of Dunes Academy’s philosophy is the belief that every child possesses innate artistic talent.

Innovative Teaching Methods

The academy’s art and craft education is not limited to traditional techniques. 

Acrylic painting artwork
Modern art work
Black artist man doing his art work
abstract artwork background painting

A Platform for Cultural Expression

Art and craft at Dunes Academy are not just about skill development; they are also a platform for cultural expression.

Rajasthan’s rich heritage is a constant inspiration, and students are encouraged to explore and incorporate local motifs and styles into their creations. This not only keeps local traditions alive but also instills a sense of cultural pride in the students.

Student Exhibitions and Competitions

Regular exhibitions and competitions are a staple at the school, providing students with opportunities to showcase their work.

These events are not just for the school community; they often attract visitors from across the region, giving students a wider audience and a taste of real-world recognition.