School Library

A school library that is well-designed and provides a variety of resources, programs, and services to support learning and teaching can enhance student learning outcomes. It encourages and supports students to read.

Research has shown that school libraries can improve student learning and academic success. A good summary is provided in School libraries and teacher-librarians: evidence of their contribution to student literacy and learning.

This means that school libraries should have access to the teacher-librarian. Teacher-librarians serve as a crucial link between learning and teaching programs and professional library leadership.

Effective school libraries

Provide quality programs to support the curriculum.
Teachers can use information literacy skills to integrate learning activities.
Promoting information literacy through teaching students how to search, evaluate, use and create information.
Enhance student reading experiences and help them develop independent reading skills.
Assist with teaching and learning strategies.Teachers can get professional support.
You can source and deliver current and suitable resources in many formats.
Keep school communities informed about the collection.
Make it easy to access information using current technologies Adopt flexible design principles.
Facilitate learning and teaching in stimulating environments Support the school community’s social and cultural identity.Operate efficient library system