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As a private institution, Dunes Academy provides its students with several extracurricular opportunities. Athletics, clubs, and other extracurricular fall under this category.

Yoga Classes

Yoga courses are available to students of all experience levels at the Dunes Academy School. Classes are led by certified yoga teachers and focus on helping students relax and release tension. Classes at the Dunes Academy School are available for both novice and experienced yogis, and they are a wonderful way to increase your strength, flexibility, and balance.

Clay modeling

The academic day at Dunes Academy is packed with fun for kids. Making models out of clay is a fun hobby. Clay is molded into various forms by the students' hands and imaginations. Animals, humans, or inanimate things are all fair game. Their fine motor abilities and imagination will benefit greatly from this exercise.

Nature Club

All children in grades 1-8 are welcome to join the Nature Club at Dunes Academy. The group has after-school meetings once a week and monthly outings. Recent outings have included excursions to the Indiana Dunes State Park, the local nature center, and a neighboring forest Preserve for some hiking. Students may enjoy themselves while expanding their knowledge of the natural world by joining the Nature Club.

Drama Club

The Dunes Academy Drama Club is operated by students and promotes student participation in the performing arts at the school. Throughout the year, the club hosts a number of smaller performances in addition to its two annual big shows (one in the autumn and one in the spring). Students of any level of expertise are welcome to join the Drama Club.

Creative activities

At Dunes Academy, there are many opportunities for pupils to express their imagination. Classes in the arts including music and theatre are also included. Students may also join extracurricular groups at school, such as the debate team or yearbook staff. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or joining a youth organization are just two examples of the various ways to make a difference in your neighborhood.

Western Classes

Classes at Dunes Academy with a Western focus are ideal for anybody curious about the region's rich history and culture. There is a variety of information to be obtained from these courses, which range from cowboys and pioneers to Native Americans and settlers.

Quiz classes

Looking for something to do with your kid that will both entertain and teach them? Quiz lessons at Dunes Academy School are where it's at. Our quiz courses aim to provide kids with a stimulating and enjoyable way to learn vital skills. Furthermore, our quiz courses are a wonderful method for parents to connect with their kids and spend precious time together.

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Our Commitment to Excellence: Educators and Collaborators

At Dunes Academy, our educators are more than teachers; they are mentors, guides, and partners in each student’s educational journey. With a collaborative approach, we create an environment where students thrive academically and personally.

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