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We have stocked our maths lab with all the tools our kids will need to learn by doing. The resources needed to conduct a variety of mathematical experiments are all available here. In the lab, students do not only work on their normal projects but also enjoy mathematical activities like riddles. The goal of the mathematics laboratory is to help pupils make connections between abstract concepts and the actual world. Every lab session helps them become better at reasoning, logic, and making connections between concepts.

The common perception of maths as a dull subject may be dispelled by creating a lively classroom setting in which students are encouraged to ask questions and explore solutions. Through interactions with real-world examples, pupils are better able to grasp and internalize abstract ideas.

Through the use of models or paper-cutting and folding procedures, students may confirm a variety of geometrical features. Students are encouraged to use their imaginations and take pleasure in coming up with answers and working out the corresponding formulae. Mind and body may work together more closely in the laboratory, which is beneficial to learning.

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