A science lab is a place where scientific experiments are conducted. It is usually equipped with various instruments and materials that are necessary for carrying out the experiments. A typical science lab would have a microscope, beakers, test tubes, and other such equipment.

Composite Lab

It started out as a preschool with five students in a church located in the heart of Princeton. Growing rapidly, the school moved into a larger church building on All Saints.

This lab is equipped with all of the necessary equipment and materials needed for students to conduct experiments and investigations. The composite science lab is a safe and stimulating environment where students can learn and grow.


A physics lab is a place where students can come to learn about the basic principles of physics. In the lab, students will be able to conduct experiments and learn about the different aspects of physics. The lab is a great resource for students who are interested in physics and want to learn more about the subject.


If you’re looking for a place to get started with your chemistry experiments, you’ll need a science lab. In a science lab, you’ll have all the equipment and chemicals you need to conduct your experiments safely. You’ll also have access to expert advice from your lab instructor.


Biology is the study of life. In a biology lab, students can learn about the structure and function of living things. They can also study the diversity of life, how organisms interact with their environment, and the evolution of life on Earth.