Computer Lab

We have a well-equipped Computer Lab that is used extensively by both our learners and staff. Our full-time computer teacher introduces the children to computers from Class First onwards.

The Computer Lab is located on the ground floor of the Library just off from the Main Office of the school. The lab is open from 8 AM to 12 AM with card id access on the main door. The Dunes Academy computer lab consists of 40+ computers. The computers have Windows/Linux installed on them. Software applications installed on each computer: Microsoft Office suite, Word Perfect, Macromedia 8, Bear Access, Firefox, IE, Quick Time, Java, Flash Player, Symantec Anti-Virus, Media Player, etc.

In the lab, there is a scanner station, a resume station, and a computer configured to support assisted technologies. The lab is having a seating capacity of more than 60 students at a time, and a teaching room that has a projector and screen.
The lab has 2 black and white printers, 1 color printer, and a desktop printer used for resumes and photocopy machines.

Plan and Details

Lessons are integrated with what the teachers are doing in the classroom, using our wide variety of software. This enables us to make websites, blogs, newspaper reports, and stories and create various other documents. Using Microsoft Office programmers is a priority because we believe that it’s a Foundational Skill necessary for high school and further. We use a typing program to improve typing skills, and we integrate all technology to reinforce and consolidate mathematics and literacy.


Our latest acquisition is the Com4Kids computer education program which is a relevant and integrated curriculum. With information technology moving faster and faster, and becoming more and more important, Com4Kids will ensure that each learner is equipped with an international internet driver’s license by the time they enter high school, equipping learners with the digital skills they will need in almost any career.