Clubs and Organizations

Vision and Mission

Various club activities are held throughout the year to provide students with a forum for showcasing their abilities and honing their skills in preparation for intra-school contests. Student leadership and social abilities are strengthened through participation in extracurricular clubs. The Vice Principal, Associate vice Principal, and faculty members conduct interviews to choose who will serve as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Assistant Secretary for each club. The chosen students organize the year’s events. During club times, students learn from one another and exchange their perspectives. They have the support of their teachers at every turn. The kids will also hear from guest experts.

Free periods throughout the school day, after school, and even in the evening are when most student groups and organizations find time to meet. Students at Dunes Academy may indulge in lifelong hobbies, explore new interests, and connect with classmates and teachers via various clubs. This enables us to provide a wide variety of clubs to meet the interests, needs, and passions of our students, including those that are only clubs at other schools such as photography and community service.

Middle school students are encouraged to become involved in extracurricular activities such as clubs and organizations. These clubs bring together students who have a common interest in sports, music, or the exploration of personal identity. Each semester, students in the middle school join a different club, giving them the opportunity to discover new passions and interests and frequently leading to the formation of more clubs in the middle school and high school.


A book club and a jam band are two examples of groups that have been around for a while. Students in middle school are encouraged to apply for leadership roles on campus, such as the Student Life Committee, where they may collaborate with high school students and the provost to create activities and projects that will benefit the whole campus community.

Dunes Academy

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Our Commitment to Excellence: Educators and Collaborators

At Dunes Academy, our educators are more than teachers; they are mentors, guides, and partners in each student’s educational journey. With a collaborative approach, we create an environment where students thrive academically and personally.

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