Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawl Policy

New Students

In case a child is drawn back before the start of the perceptive year, the assertion charge excepting the security and joining unit ought to be surrendered for the school.

In case the child is drawn back within 15 days of joining, three months cost despite the affirmation charge ought to be deducted and modify will be marked down.

On the off chance that there ought to emerge an event of withdrawal the rebates will be made up to 2 months. (Checking Security) The security aggregate when marked down is without interest.


Existing Students

If the child is withdrawn in between any Term (irrespective of his/her date of joining), that Term’s fee shall be charged / forfeited in favor of the school.

Term Dates

If the child is to be withdrawal in the month of March, a prior 3 Month notice is to be given in writing i.e. latest by 31st December. If the notice is given after the said date, the security money of the child shall be forfeited.

School Leaving Certificate (Transfer Certificate) will be issued only after clearance of dues and payment of amount(s) in favor of the school.

The withdrawal form in the prescribed format should be filled only by the parent and be submitted to the admission office only. The receiving at school of the original copy of duly filled and signed withdrawal form, will be treated as final date of withdrawal.

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