Principal's Message

Mr. N. K. Paliwal (Dunes Academy)

"A Child without Education is, like a Bird without Wings' "The whole Purpose of Education is to turn Mirrors into Windows'

On Behalf of "Dunes Academy" I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child. DUNES ACADEMY is a school aiming to provide its pupils with a high standard of education and a wide variety of experiences, in a happy and caring environment.

As I look beyond the horizon, I envision DUNES as a second home where education leads to educating the child. Children are like saplings bestowed on us by their parents and we have the responsibility as a gardener to cultivate them with care and love. Little children like saplings need proper soil, sunlight & unconditional love to become firm trees of tomorrow.

We are prepared to give them that extra nurturing support, additional love and exquisite care empowers them to achieve their overall happiness to learn effectively and efficiently.

Our school has vibrant classrooms where creativity, ethics, self- analysis and goal setting are the aims of every child. I strongly believe that under our guidance the students will have a niche in their personality. The grooming of every child to compete the world has always been the prime concern at DUNES ACADEMY.

To achieve our goal we require a positive approach from the parents, as they help us to recognize the inborn talents of their child, so that we together can shoulder, to push the wheel of success and glory for every child at DUNES. Parents are the major contributors in our endeavor. We encourage parent's active participation & feedback, so that together we can create a "WONDER CHILD"

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