Library of Dunes Academy


A store-house of knowledgeable, culturally sound and educational books, library is regarded a relevant place in DUNES ACADEMY It is of utmost importance for all schools to furnish a well-equipped library which will not only be useful to students but other staff members as well.

The library of any school is considered as the integral part of an educational constitution. It is developed and managed to serve and support each and every member of the institute.

The Government of India has established several committees and commissions in the hope of encouraging education among the people of the society and as a result improving the country. But if school education is not implemented properly among the young generation, then the country will suffer immensely. Hence, it is recommended that every school must have updated library resources, advanced faculty and other necessary infrastructure.

The school library should be given its due respect and importance because it acts as a significant role of imparting informal education among the students. The most relevant of self-educating is through the medium-library.

  • The Objectives of a School Library
  • To promote literacy among the children.
  • To provide formal education.
  • To help in gaining information related to varied topics.
  • To aid in economic, social and cultural development.
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