Dunes Academy's Class Rooms


The special attributes of DUNES ACADEMY are the engaging classrooms in which students are purposefully directed by the experienced teachers. The educational programs with fundamental skills are delicately combined with every child’s emotional level. The prime motto of DUNES ACADEMY is to encourage every children to participate in what they enjoy most, and in this way education becomes a fun activity and their buoyant participation makes learning a worthwhile venture.

There are certain educational agendas with the motive of Goals for Learners: Self-Awareness, Teamwork, Respect, Inquisitiveness, Dedication, Academic Competency and Persistent Education. These features are not only a special mention of DUNES ACADEMY but are systematically coordinated with the 21st century academic and learning techniques. We encourage every student to pursue their very own talent along with the higher education.

With the aid of Teach Next Smart Classrooms installed in Dunes Academy, the following characteristics will definitely benefit your child’s learning process.

Animations: The intense graphics like 2D and 3D helps the children learn complex theories.

Multiple Choice Questions: With the introduction of MCQ, the students can assess the difficulty levels and engage in higher level of thinking.

Real Life Significance: Helps the students understand the importance of the academic perception and its application in real life situations.

Topic Summary: Beneficial for both students and teachers, as the brief for every chapter is provided, which helps them to summarize the concept and notion of the topics.

Illustrations: A useful method for the teachers to explain various experiments to the students simultaneously on the blackboard and the virtual lab.

Diagram Formation: A well-devised step by step interpretation of complex diagrams which help the teachers in explaining the formation of the diagrams which might be very useful during the examination time.

Useful Teaching Objectives: The teaching strategies which are implemented in classrooms are quite innovative, engaging and effective, hence making learning even more interesting.

Assessments and Presentations: Worksheets and class assessments are formulated for students so that every aspect of the chapters are covered. The graphic presentations are organized efficiently to clear the concepts of the topics.


Availability of Smart Class Teacher Fraternity Resources: The teachers of DUNES ACADEMY can easily connect to several useful resources which have been furnished by over half a million teachers, who are an important part of the Smart Class Fraternity, accessible all over the world.

While visiting the campus of DUNES ACADEMY, one can surely notice the vivacity of learning and education.

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