The Aims And Values Of Dunes Academy Are:


Cultivating an exemplary personality of the students.


Helping the students to learn to become self-dependent, self-disciplined and self-motivated so that the highest goals can be achieved by them.


Aiding students to obtain knowledge, skills and training which is not only relevant to their educational life but also for their future adult life.


To assist every student to evolve as a better human being who has possessed strong values, moral beliefs and ideals and who would respect every other human being of different religion, caste, gender and nationality.


To imbibe in the students the awareness and appreciation of the several achievements gained by the people of both India and other countries.



Dunes Academy, established in 2014, has always encouraged the betterment and development of children as in their hands lie the future of the world. Our mission is oriented towards the numerous children who are a part of Dunes Academy.

To cater premium quality education so that the students can acquire knowledge and put it to good use for the prosperity of the society.

To make every student an all-rounder and not restrain their education only to the confinements of the four walls of the classroom. In order to face the real world, every student should learn the tactics and also cultivate a proper personality.

To convey the importance of the ancient traditions and cultures among the students, so that they can matriculate in themselves the rich heritage of India.

To make every student aware of the environment and also inculcate in them the sense of being a worthy citizen of the country by protecting the environment.

To bring in a sportsman spirit among the students of the institute and also teach them as how to cooperate as a team.

To promote respect for each other and also allowing every student to have a creative and logical temperament.

Dunes Academy have set their sight on the amelioration of the students, so that when they step out on the world, their moral and ethical values will be highly esteemed.

OUR Strengths


The foundation of Dunes Academy can be enlisted below:

The Management Committee: The institute benevolences under the faithful guidance and progressive supervision of the esteemed team of Dunes Academy.

The team comprises of Mr. Rohit Singh Rathore, the Director of the school, Mrs. Sonal Ralhan, the principal of the school and other elite board members. The organizational team operates efficiently to bring upon a huge positive development in the lives of the children.

Faculty: Dunes Academy is a proud possessor of experienced, well-learned, accomplished and committed staff members and teachers. Their foremost priority is not only to educate the students but to help and guide them through every step of their lives, so that they can evolve as better human beings and excellent all rounders.

Students: At Dunes Academy, rules and regulations have always been the first preference. Students too have been instilled with discipline and self-control which is beneficial for them, not only in their school life, but for future prospects as well.

The teachings of moral value and cultures too are inculcated in the students to induce in them the sense of nationality. Parents: There is a major role played by the parents in the augmentation of the institution.

Dunes Academy has gained recognition throughout the country because it has been able to propitiate the parents of the students, who with many hopes had enlisted their children at our service. The support and encouragement of the parents inspire us to work harder and move forward.

Supporters for Dunes Academy


Dunes Academy has come a long way and in this difficult journey, they had to face many obstacles. But their consistency attitude and their dedication, determination and diligence has brought them today to an esteemed honor level.

During the arduous circumstances, Dunes Academy had been supported immensely by the local villagers and residents, who had observed the single-mindedness nature of the administrators of Dunes Academy.

Dunes Academy has achieved a new feat without appropriating proper assistance from anyone, and is now striving harder to reach the apex of success.

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